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BNXT is a platform built for those who value their digital privacy.

How it works in real life

Your identity and transactions are secure and private.

Increase Your privacy with BNXT

The ecosystem consists of 4 elements. All-in-one solution is the key to your secure online world.


Digital alter-ego that can engage, transact and interact while your true identity is secure. That's what BNXT ID offers. It's a virtual persona that shields your real identity, giving you the freedom to operate online with complete anonymity.

Your ID is Private


​​Payment system where transactions is anonymous. That's BNXT Pay. Every digital coin you spend is backed by high-privacy technology. It's more than just a payment system, it's a commitment to transactional privacy.


A messaging platform designed to keep your conversations encrypted and strictly confidential—introducing BNXT Chat. Engage in a realm where privacy isn't just an option but a standard, guaranteeing that your interactions remain as private as they ought to be.

BNXT Marketplace

An exchange platform where your identity remains private with each transaction. Make purchases or sales comfortably, knowing your anonymity is our priority. An exchange platform where your identity remains private with each transaction. Make purchases or sales comfortably, knowing your anonymity is our priority.

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about our product

What is BNXT?

BNXT is an innovative digital ecosystem designed for privacy and security. It offers a range of features, including BNXT ID, BNXT Chat, BNXT Pay, and BNXT Marketplace, to protect your digital identity and enable secure use of online services.

How does BNXT ID work?

BNXT ID is your unique digital identifier within the BNXT world, allowing you to use our platform privately. With BNXT ID, you can send and receive packages, avail discounts from our partners, all without revealing your real identity.

What is BNXT chat about?

BNXT Chat provides encrypted private communication between users, similar to Signal. It ensures that your messages are secure and private, and even enables users to send money without revealing their identities.

What is BNXT Pay and how secure is it?

BNXT Pay is our digital wallet integrated with your BNXT ID. It allows for secure, private transactions on our platform. Built on blockchain technology, it offers maximum privacy and security. All currencies available within the EU are supported, with 100% cash protection.

How does BNXT Marketplace work?

BNXT Marketplace is where BNXT users can trade with full privacy. It integrates with BNXT Chat and BNXT Pay, enabling safe and private buying and selling of goods on our market.

What's your plan for expansion?

We aim to continuously improve and expand our platform, bringing the latest technologies and features to users. Our goal is to expand into new markets and industries, enrich our ecosystem's offerings, and partner with other innovative companies.

How can I become a partner with BNXT?

If you'd like to partner with us and offer discounts to BNXT subscribers, please reach out to discuss potential collaborations. We are open to partnerships with businesses in various sectors.

What are the benefits of becoming a BNXT partner?

As a BNXT partner, you gain access to an engaged user community, promotional opportunities within our ecosystem, and the chance to collaborate with an innovative tech company. We provide tools to facilitate integration and support during implementation.

Is my privacy protected when using BNXT services?

Yes, we prioritize user privacy and data security. Our features like BNXT ID, BNXT Chat, and BNXT Pay are designed with strong privacy measures. We adhere to high privacy and security standards.

Is the BNXT app free?

Initially, the app will be free to use, but in the future there will be an annual subscription fee of $100 to access the full range of features and benefits of our platform.